“I have had the pleasure of both attending and planning fundraising events which have been successfully managed by The Carla Capone Company. My experience has shown that The Carla Capone Company works alongside their clients from start to finish, using their professional experience to guide the client to a successful outcome. It is for this reason that I am happy to recommend The Carla Capone Company to anyone interested in running a truly successful event.”
Tom Moran, Chairman, President, & CEO, Mutual of America
Excerpt taken from a letter written by Mr. Moran.
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Since founding The Carla Capone Company in 1995, Carla Capone has used her extensive event management experience to ensure the success of a variety of high profile charity, corporate and social special events. Combining experience and personal attention, we help clients with all their special event needs.

The Carla Capone Company is a full service event planning, management and consulting firm in New York City which specializes in small and large events reaching over 1600 guests which have raised over $4 million. We pride ourselves in the year-round commitment we extend to our clients and are happy to help them with their evolving needs as they prepare for their next event.

Our commitment and reliability is recognized by loyal clients who continue to retain the company's services year after year. We are proud to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and are grateful for many referrals from them, which give us the opportunity to build new relationships.

Bonded and registered with the State of New York, Department of Law, Charities Bureau.